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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Resume – to give you background on me 

I am a Software Development Manager for a company that specializes in benefits administration for single and multi-employer benefit plans. I have been a developer for 13 years, and have managed a team for the last 5.

I was educated at Towson State University in Baltimore, Maryland, and double-majored in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.

I was raised an Army Brat – meaning that until I went to college, I moved every three years of my life. I’ve lived in Okinawa, Japan, Kaiserslautern, Germany, and Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Virginia, Washington, DC, and Maryland in the US.

I do all of my best work in Java, for which I am a SCJP. My company uses a non-1NF database, and with it a language called UniBasic, so I have expertise in these too, although I try to avoid working with this language.

I plan on using this blog to write about what happens in my department, and company from time to time. I will write about the outcomes of the various decisions that my colleagues and I make.

My hope for this little project is two fold: 1) to make me a better manager; and 2) to make me a better writer

I can always be emailed at mkclark9@yahoo.com. So that I can filter these emails out, please put “Your Blog” in the subject. The only thing I want to keep private is the company where I work – thus the yahoo address.

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